2020 08.10

The Criteria to Be Taken into Account When Assessing Requests to Delist the Results Displayed Following a Search Made Based on Person’s Name and Surname from a Search Engine’s Index:

The criteria listed below are determined by the “Turkish Personal Data Protection Board” as the criteria to be taken into account primarily when assessing the complaints submitted in this regard and may be updated when needed. Taking these criteria into consideration in the assessment of the requests to be made to the data controller will be beneficial.

  1. Does the individual play a role in public life?
  2. Is the subject of the search result a child?
  3. Is the data accurate?
  4. Does the data relate to individual’s working life?
  5. Is the information in the search results insulting, degrading, and slander about the data subject?
  6. Does the information in the search results fall within the scope of special categories of personal data?
  7. Is the information displayed in search results up to date?
  8. Is the information displayed in search results causing prejudice to the individual?
  9. Does the information in the search result put the individual at risk?
  10. Was the information published by the data subject?
  11. Does the original content include the data processed in a journalistic context?
  12. Is there any legal obligation to publish the data relating to the data subject?
  13. Does the information relate to a criminal offence?

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