2016 03.04

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2015 was een Jubileumjaar van Vincent van Gogh (30 maart 1853 - 29 juli 2015), vandaag staat Afik & Co. stil bij de geboortedag van deze geweldige Nederlandse schild

2015 was a jubilee-year of Vincent Van Gogh full of special celebrations in The Netherlands (30 March, 1853 – 29 July, 2015). Today Afik & Co. commemorates the birthday of this extraordinary Dutch painter

An Article by Shira Zaken Porat, Adv. on the issue of liability of a website owners and search engine companies

Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Updates

The Court will not allow a party to withdraw from a share purchase agreement designed for a particular purpose

Investment agreement representations and warranties split the risk between the parties and the Court will honor that

In a company managed as a partnership loss of trust can be deemed ‎oppression

Commercial, Intellectual Property and Labor Law Updates

Courts will tend not to apply a limitation clause in the agreement in the ‎event of severe damage due to negligence ‎

A company manager will not be liable for debts to employees unless committed a personal tort or in exceptional cases.

Immigration Law Updates

The Minister of the Interior may in certain cases grant status to great grandchild of a Jew

Real Estate Updates

A seller of land may prohibit the purchaser from using the land for certain purposes without this being a restrictive arrangement

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