2016 03.04

New lawyers join the firm

In the last 3 months we are delighted to have strengthened our team with the addition of 2 experienced and talented lawyers.

Firstly, introducing Kezia Daley who has joined the firm to build our Immigration law practice. Kezia has over 10 years qualified legal experience advising a range of clients on immigration law.

Under UK law, any business wishing to employ a non-EU foreign national will need to understand and comply with complex and ever changing Immigration Regulations. English law only generally promotes highly skilled, specialist workers to successfully apply got a work visa. The UK system requires employers to take on certain legal obligations, over and above standard areas such as employment laws, and to apply for a Sponsorship Licence. If employers employ staff who do not have the right to work in the UK, sanctions are severe, including  fine of up to £20,000.00 per worker.

Kezia also advises clients wishing to apply to come to the UK as Entrepreneurs,  Investors or students.

Interesting times for immigration lawyers – with the forthcoming UK referendum on whether the UK stays in the EU or leaves, if the choice is to leave, there are up to 1.8 million EU workers working in the UK who will face an uncertain future. Kezia is already busy dealing with enquiries from non-UK EU citizens checking their position and status and ability to a-ply for permanent residence. Business clients are also starting to think ahead and to try and plan for the future.

The second senior lawyer to join our team is David Maxwell, who specialises in wills, probate, trusts and older client advice.

David joined us from a prominent West end firm and is highly experienced. He also advises on the regrettably ever increasing area of contested wills and disputes over estates.

David can also assist where clients have complex assets perhaps located in many different jurisdictions and where advice is needed either on lifetime planning or on estate administration in these situations.

Important English corporate aw developments

A recent article on our website covers some important English law corporate changes of interest to those with a corporate presence in the UK or considering setting up a UK company. Of particular importance perhaps are the new rules on nominees and transparency of ownership.

You can find the full article here.