2016 31.03

The Bi-Weekly Professional Magazine of Afik & Co, Attorneys and Notary

Afik & Co.  marks the bicentennial issue of the Bi-Weekly Professional Magazine of Afik & Co, Attorneys and Notary

An Article by Yaniv Friedhof, Adv. on the issue of liability of office holders and the extent of protection granted by insurance companies

Our office in the Media: a publication on Constantin Klaiman, Esq. Joining Afik & Co. as the Partner in Charge of CIS Markets 

Update of the law office of AKD N.V, a Dutch law firm, regarding a certain aspects of Dutch tax law (Israel vs. Holland).

Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Updates

A Court will be hesitant to appoint a temporary liquidator to an active ‎company‎

An organ of a company who made negligent misrepresentation will be ‎personally liable even if acted on behalf of the company.

Commercial, Intellectual Property and Labor Law Updates

Google may be liable for damage due to tortious publication that it ‎refused to remove from its search engine 

A non-Israeli verdict holdings are applicable even if the verdict did not pass a procedure of enforcement in Israel

Real Estate Updates

Impossibility to use a leased asset due to external grounds may enable ‎termination of the lease agreement

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