2021 17.06

startups.ch - Clever Founding

After several years of being the exclusive partner of startups.ch, the market leader for successful company formations in Switzerland, startups.ch and its clients have entrusted us with all notarizations since January 2021.

We look forward to a continued good cooperation with startups.ch and interesting business ideas implemented with passion by young entrepreneurs.

Employee Participation 2.0

Employee share ownership is an important tool for start-ups to retain qualified workers despite a lack of payroll power. However, excessive employee ownership can dilute the rights of existing shareholders and deter potential investors. " Phantom stocks" offer a suitable alternative to allow employees to participate in the company's success without impairing the investors' rights of co-determination.

Geoblocking Ban in Switzerland

Companies siphon off the purchasing power of Swiss consumers online by preventing calls to their homepage from Switzerland and redirecting them directly to their Swiss website. There the products are offered at a higher price. Recently, the Swiss parliament adopted the indirect counterproposal to the initiative "Stop the High Price Island - for Fair Prices". You can find out what consequences this has for consumers and suppliers on our website.

SPAC - Special Purpose Acquisition Company

In the USA and in other European countries, the SPAC investment vehicle has already found great favour. In the USA, shell companies have around 200 billion $ at their disposal, which are also used to buy up Swiss companies. Find out here what the new alternative to IPOs is all about and what the future of SPACs in Switzerland looks like.

Termination During Short-Time Work

Short-time work was a major issue in Switzerland during the corona crisis. It was intended to relieve those employers who were most affected by the pandemic. Nevertheless, there were undoubtedly some dismissals in cases of hardship. The effect of short-time work on dismissals is described on our website.

Blockchain Technology in Company Law

Blockchain technology does not stop at the everyday life of companies. With the entry into force of Art. 973d et seq. of the Swiss Code of Obligations, the register value law makes it possible to manage the shareholder structure on the basis of the blockchain. In our article we show what possibilities this opens up in dealing with shareholders, share transfers and general meetings and what advantages register value rights offer.

New Judicature Regarding Divorce Law

The Federal Supreme Court changes its practice in important aspects of divorce law, thus creating legal certainty and adapting divorce law to modern facts. In the areas of "calculation of maintenance", "reasonableness of post-marital employment" and "life-shaping marriages", the change in practiceshould lead to more appropriate rulings in individual cases in the future.

Continued Payment of Wages for Work on Call

Many employees who work on call had to miss work during the corona pandemic. In principle, the employment contract is based on an exchange of labour for wages. We show how the lack of work assignments affects the employer's obligation to continue paying wages.

Do I Need the Consent of the Condominium Owners to Build an Electric Car Charging Station?

Electric cars are taking the streets by storm. But without a charging station in your own garage, buying an electric car makes little sense. The installation of a charging station cannot be carried out without further ado in the case of existing condominium ownership. You can read what you need to bear in mind here.