2013 19.11

Advocate Sasi Katzir recently retired from government service after decades of service. He holds an LL.B., BA in Middle East Studies and MBA in Public Administration and International Relations.

Advocate Katzir held senior Israeli governmental positions, including Head of Emergency Services, Head of Population Administration, National Elections Commissioner, head of a local authority and National Director of Building Inspection. He promoted organizational and legislative reforms and to date advises government agencies and municipal entities. Mr. Katzir is a lecturer on legal and national security issues.

Advocate Katzir serves as one of the senior staff of the IDF reserves at a rank of Brigadier General.

Advocate Katzir will manage the administrative department of Afik & Co. and will specialize mainly in public tenders, elections law and issuess of immigration, residency and citizenship.

Advocate Katzir can be reached at: +972 (3) 609.3.609 or by e-mail.

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