2017 11.11

Afik & Co. markiert den 8. November 1895, der Tag, an dem der deutsche Physiker Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (27. März 1845 - 10. Februar 1923) den Röntgenstrahl entdeckte, eine Errungenschaft, die ihm den ersten Nobelpreis für Physik verdiente 1901

Afik & Co. marks the 8th of November, 1895, the day in which German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (March 27, 1845 – February 10. 1923) discovered the X-Ray, an achievement that earned him the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901

Article: Liability of shareholders for tax debts of the Company /Tal Schiller

An article on the liability of shareholders for tax debts of the Company by Tal Schiller, an intern at law office of Afik & Co.  The article in English may be found at the link: http://www.afiklaw.com/articles/a243 

Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Update

A founders agreement defining responsibilities of shareholders in the company may be terminated if a party did not fulfill its responsibility.  For more reading: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/5013  

One may make service of process in a shareholders’ dispute to the representative of the shareholder to the shareholders meeting.   For more reading: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/5015  

Commercial, Intellectual Property and Labor Law Updates

An employer may disclose reasons for termination of an employee.  For more reading: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/5017 

A distributor may sell in the local market the goods that remained with it at the end of the distribution agreement.   For more reading: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/5019 

A significant delay in filing a libel claim can indicate that things never happened.  For more reading: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/5021

Real Estate Law Updates

User of facilities on the roof is required to pay lease to the owner of the rights in the roof.  For more reading:http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/5032