2017 04.04

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Afik & Co. marks the birthday of English comedian, star of Monty Python, Eric Idle (29 March, 1943)

Article: Need an employer await a formal sexual harassment complaint prior to

commencing ‎procedures?‎

An article by Yaniv Friedhof‎, Adv. on the importance of clarifying rumors of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Our office in the Media: Newspaper publications regarding a legal case in which Afik & Co. represents

Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Update

Non reporting of a public company of data the company did not know due to ‎negligence is not a ‎violation of the reporting obligations

A closely-held claimant corporation will be obligated to deposit security for defendant's costs even if it ‎has cash in its treasury

An American LLC will be deemed a corporation and it can be chosen whether it will ‎be "transparent" in Israel for tax purposes

Commercial, Intellectual Property and Labor Law Updates

An employer may not demand that employees use an attendance clock based on a ‎fingerprint

Use of a GPS based car system to differentiate between private and work related ‎drives does not ‎obligate the Tax Authorities for calculation of car value for tax ‎purposes

Real Estate Updates

A party withdrawing from advanced negotiation for a land transaction due to a mistake in the feasibility of a transaction will pay damages

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