2016 20.12

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Article: The right to receive credit - boundaries of reasonable and acceptable ‎ ‎ ‎

An article by Yair Aloni, Adv. on the extent and scope‎ of the moral right  and the creator’s right to receive credit for its work 

An article titled "Foreign headquarters could be subject to Japanese jurisdiction" of the Japanese law firm ABE & Partners published on Managing Intellectual Property magazine (Year End 2016)

Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Updates

Forced acquisition is a viable remedy upon showing of oppression  due to loss of ‎faith among ‎shareholders ‎

A company that is sued and files a counter-claim will be required to deposit ‎security for costs unless it can show financial robustness and liquidity

A company may act for the benefit of the group of companies in which it is a ‎member in addition to the benefit of the company but not instead of it

Commercial, Intellectual Property and Labor Law Updates

Not any contribution to an architectural work will be copyright protected

An employee who after termination contracts suppliers and clients with whom the ‎employee worked may be breaching the duty of loyalty and be required to pay the ‎employer damages

Real Estate Updates

A Contractor ignoring notices from assets owners to fix deficiencies may loose its ‎right to fix them by itself

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