2016 06.12

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Afik & Co. segna la data di nascita di scultore e architetto italiano Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini (7 Dicembre 1598 - 28 Novembre 1680), uno dei maggiori artisti del barocco italiano

Afik & Co. marks the birth date of Italian sculptor and architect Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini (7 December 1598 – 28 November 1680), one of the major Italian Baroque artists

Article: Public Hearing and Trade Secrets ‎ ‎

An article by Shira Zaken Porat, Adv. On the principle of the public nature of the legal process‎

Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Updates

Filing a lawsuit despite an explicit clause in a share transfer agreement will cause of cancelation the ‎agreement and return of the shares

Employment of employees without financial ability of the corporation may result in ‎personal liability ‎of the shareholder of the company

Commercial, Intellectual Property and Labor Law Updates

Upon showing of trade secret of a company one may under certain circumstances even receive an ‎order against a private G-Mail account of an employee

Publication of photograph without credit to the photographer is infringement of the moral right of its ‎creator

A Court verdict regarding of a municipal debt payment that was granted 20 years ‎ago because lack of defense should not be canceled ‎

Real Estate Updates

In TAMA 38 projects the majority may impose on the minority the actual execution as well as the way ‎of execution ‎

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