2016 08.11

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Afik & Co. marque la date de décès du leader français, le président Charles de Gaulle (22 novembre 1890 - 9 novembre 1970)

Afik & Co. marks the date of demise of French leader, president Charles de Gaulle (22 November, 1890 - 9 November, 1970)

Article: Franchise agreements and their termination

An article by Yaniv Friedhof, Adv. On the issue of franchise agreements and their termination  

Moderation by Doron Afik, Esq. of the Top Forum international conference

On October 27, 2016, attorney Doron Afik, managing partner of Afik & Co., moderated the second day of the TOP FORUM international structures and international taxation conference.

Article: Sophisticated Wealth Management through ‎Structured Products

An article by Mr. Alon Tal, of ‎Alpha-TAO on financial issues that concern office holders in high-tech industry.

Article: The Ageing VBER – The Deceiving Simplicity of A Schema

An article by Dr. Nils Gildhoff, LL.M. of Möhrle Happ Luther as to European antitrust law.

Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Updates

Parties that present themselves as partners and behave so will be deemed partners

A shareholder who did not receive any company's assets and did not act ‎with intent to deceive will not be held accountable for company's city tax ‎debt

Commercial, Intellectual Property and Labor Law Updates

Non-transfer of employee’s pension provisions constitute grounds for lifting the corporate veil

An employment agreement of the control holder of a company that was not duly approved by the company will not be upheld

Unclarity in an adhesive contract between a large service provider and a customer will lead to interpretation against the services provider

Real Estate Updates

A gift recipient’s right will prevail a later foreclosure if the gift was given in good faith

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