2016 29.09

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Afik & Co. wishes a happy Jewish new year to all its clients and the subscribers of this bi-annual magazine

Article: Civil search warrant against an employee suspected of stealing trade secrets

An article by Doron Afik, Esq. on the issue of search and seizure orders against employees.

Article: The Financial Vulnerability of High Tech Executives

An article by Mr. Lior Ofek, is partner anf a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in Israel of "The Service” Financial Planning (F.P.) Ltd. on financial issues that concern office holders in high-tech industry.

Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Updates

Issuance of shares under a crowdfunding process requires a prospectus

Exemption from approval of restrictive agreement will continue even where market share increased by up to 10%‎

Commercial, Intellectual Property and Labor Law Updates

A car trader who left the vehicle on its name may be liable for compensation in case of an accident

Use of a name similar to a trademark at the same business sector will be deemed a trademark infringement and passing off

Real Estate Updates

Lessor cannot obligate one of two joint lessee to collect debts of the other

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