2016 21.06

Afik & Co. marks the birthday of Prof. Ada E. Yonath (22 June, 1939), Israeli Biochemist and Nobel Prize in Chemistry Laureate of 2009 for

her studies on the structure and function of the ribosome using X-ray crystallographic

Employer the by Employee an of Messages Mail-E Private Reading: Article

An article by Shira Zaken Porat, Adv. on the issue of the scope of privacy protection at workplace in cases where the employer is

randomly exposed to a worker’s personal e-mail.

Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Updates

One can register an Israeli company articles of association in English

One who claims existence of a partnership need show it by extrinsic evidence

If an investment agreement is silent as to the use of funds they can be used for any purpose

Issue 207: June 22, 2016

Commercial, Intellectual Property and Labor Law Updates

To check whether an act of dismissal of an employee existed one need check how the parties saw the act at the time

A general arbitration clause in a contract will apply even if the agreement expired

Real Estate Updates

Refusal to sign the lease agreement can be grounds for vacating the property.

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