2016 18.01

Afik & Co. bows it head in memory of David Robert Jones more known by his stage name David Bowie (8 January, 1947 – 10 January, 2016) – one of the greatest singers of our age.

An Article by Doron Afik, Adv. on the issue of Purchasing shares from a seller in financial distress. 

Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Updates

Non activity of a shareholders does not change rights as a shareholder.

Reduction of the Israeli corporate tax from 26.5% to 25% as from 01.01.2016

Commercial, Intellectual Property and Labor Law Updates

A joint bank account does not constitute a testamentary substitute ‏

The existence of a "back to back" clause doesn't exempt the duty of the contractor to the subcontractor

Permit to transact with Iraq extended to end of 2016

Real Estate Updates

Rate of land betterment tax in a real estate transaction can be a condition subsequent to terminating the agreement

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