2022 23.02

1- What if the fraudulent representation I made was actually correct? / Yair Aloni, Adv.

An article that deals with representations within the framework of sales agreements and the ability of a party to rely on the other party's representations. The article was written by Yair Aloni, Adv. of Afik & Co., Attorneys and Notary. The article in English may be found at the link: https://www.afiklaw.com/articles/a355

2- Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Update

A decision of all shareholders obligates the company in all respects. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/13461

A transaction between sister companies will not be considered a conflict of interest merely because it was conducted by an officer appointed in both. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/13463

3- Commercial Law Updates

When data regarding a fictitious profile is essential for conducting legal proceedings Facebook may be required to disclose it. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/13465

A private entity which is not a monopoly may refuse to provide a service to a client. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/13467

Exploiting a customer list which entails an added-value confering a competitive advantage will be deemed misappropriation of a trade secret. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/13469

4- Real Estate Law Updates

A business party which is the only one investing funds in a project and relies without due diligence review on presentation of the other can not later contend fraud. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/13471