2021 16.07

1- A Best Effort Obligation - The Gap between the Reality and the Desired / Yair Aloni, Adv.

An article on obligations of best efforts in an agreement in contrast to an obligation for a result. The article was written by Yair Aloni, Adv. of Afik & Co. The article in English may be found at the link: https://www.afiklaw.com/articles/a339

2- Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Update

Sole signatory rights do not entitle a shareholder to make private transactions in company assets. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/12527

A company debt cannot be attributed to a shareholder merely because he granted a private property to the company. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/12529

A foreign insolvency proceedings may be recognized in Israel if managed in the jurisdiction of center of business of the debtor. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/12531

3- Commercial Law Updates

A bidder who does not take legal action as to a defect in the tender to enforce its winnings is not entitled to compensation for damage caused by such. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/12533

A notarized prenuptial agreement executed in anticipation of marriage is valid even if the marriage took place only after a few years. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/12536

4- Real Estate Law Updates

Failure to perform actions not included in the agreement may still be considered breach if required in order to perform the agreement in good faith. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/12538