2020 21.10

1. ASX accepts TASE as a home exchange for secondary ASX listings / Paul Yoel Stephenson, (Australia only) Adv.

An article on the acknowledgement of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) for dual listings purposes. The article was written by Paul Yoel Stephenson, (Australia only) Adv.  Of the law office of Afik & Co., Attorneys and Notary. The article in English may be found at the link: https://www.afiklaw.com/articles/a320

2. Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Update

Articles of Association must be construed according to their language and one can not read into them understanding that do not appear therein.  Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/11393

A shareholder in a company who is the living spirit of a company which illegally employs an employee may be held personally liable for the company debts.  Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/11395

3. Commercial Law Updates

A tender in which its evaluation criteria were first set when the bids were already revealed is an invalid tender. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/11397

Following a legal advice – even if later proved wrong – is a defense against contention of negligence. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/11399

Recognition in a person’s parental status in the country of residency may justify granting a judicial parenting order in Israel. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/11401

4. Real Estate Law Updates

A beneficiary of a trust may not terminate the trust as to itself or at all. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/11403