2020 01.01

1. Article: So what are my options/ Yogev Yakobovich, Adv.

An article on employee stock options and the rights of the employee as a shareholder in the period after exercising the options to shares but while the options are still held by the trustee. The article was written by Yogev Yakobovich, Adv. of Afik & Co. The article in English may be found at the link: https://www.afiklaw.com/articles/a299

2. Corporate, Antitrust and Securities Law Update

Approval of the general meeting for a transaction in conflict of interest does not cure a flaw in the board of directors approval. Read more at:  http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/9991

In a corporation in liquidation officers may be sued also for causes for which the statute of limitation passed prior to liquidation. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/9993

3. Commercial Law Updates

Ratification of the Australia – Israel Tax Treaty and its entry into force on 01.01.2020. Read more at:  http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/9995

A waiver entered into under fraud or lack of good faith may not be binding. Read more at:  http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/9997

Even when an agreement states that it may not be amended other than by a writing it may sometimes be amended by behavior. Read more at:  http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/9999

4. Real Estate Law Updates

A property seller is obliged to check the condition of the property prior to the sale to avoid fraudulent inducement of the purchaser. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/10002

5. Family Planning Updates including Parentage, Surrogacy and Adoption

A notarial prenuptial agreement signed before the parties agreed to marry is terminated upon the marriage. Read more at: http://www.afiklaw.com/updates/10004