Description of the Firm

Barros Sobral G. Gomes and Associates renders services of global legal consultancy. Acting in different areas and in several branches of law, it renders legal services to citizens, businesses, financial partnerships, insurance companies amongst other entities. BSG Barros Sobral G. Gomes – has a position in the national and international market that is based on the philosophy of rendering to its clients the broadest range of legal services, with a highly professional attitude

Practice Areas

Proper legal counseling and monitoring, which implies a considerable decrease in the risk of conflict;

Quick resolution of conflict, having as a priority settlements out of court through the drawing up of agreements or using extra-judicial settlement mechanisms for conflict that, considering the current outlook of Portuguese justice, is the best response to our client’s needs;

Establishing partnerships with clients to provide them with alternatives and experience that can lead to a better achievement of objectives and results expected. To achieve this, Barros Sobral G. Gomes includes a team of lawyers with specialist expertise in several areas and with extensive professional experience.