Data protection and privacy at stake

Dozens of bank worker s are queuing up to sue their employers and the Swiss government for handing their names over to the United States authorities in connection with tax evasion.

Read More Published: 6 August, 2013

WhitneyMoore Solicitors merge with Moriarty & Co.

WhitneyMoore Solicitors are pleased to announce their recent merger with Moriarty & Co, a five-lawyer practice specialising in finiancial litigation. Senior partner, Brendan Moriarty, has become a partner of the merged firm.

Read More Published: 6 January, 2013

New Members on Warshaw Burstein, LLP

Warshaw Burstein  LLP is pleased to announce that Russell W. Rosen and Meryl E. Wiener have become Partners of the firm.

Read More Published: 18 July, 2012

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