Schröder, Rechtsanwälte

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Wolfgang E.Schröder
Germany, Hamburg, Neuer Wall 71
Office Hamburg +49 40 3202990, Office Kiel +49 43198261830
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Description of firm

We advise on all matters of civil law, especially national and international business law and represent small and medium-sized companies as well as private clients.We do litigation as well as consultancy, negotiating and drafting contracts, setting up companies, arbitration law, law of tenancy, yachting and sea traffic law. The firm was founded by Mr. Schröder in 1998 and now has offices in Hamburg, Munich and Kiel where one of the world’s largest artificial Waterway starts. Wolfgang Schröder has gained professional experience both in Germany and abroad when he lived and worked in Toronto, Canada.

Practice Areas

As your partner for all legal affairs it is our aim to precise your request by carefully investigating the facts and the legal situation, to show chances and risks and‚ to develop the best strategy to succeed with your claims. We try to avoid unnecessary fights, which cost energy and money or cause long-term damages, just think of children in divorce proceedings. An open word at the right time has frequently accomplished a lot. Over years our partners have collected experiences in special bunches that we put together to an efficient unit. We share the international relationships in the EALG. At the moment Mr. Schröder has been chairman of the EALG since May 2008.


Our aim is to help clients resolve their most challenging legal problems.

Wolfgang Schröder

Germany, Hamburg

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