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Sweden, Stockholm, Box 2005, SE-131 02 Illervägen 7
+46 8 679 70 95
+46 8 611 71 95
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Description of firm

A modern law firm specialized in Swedish, European and international business law, arbitration and civil court procedures for over 20 years, situated in Stockholm, Sweden. The law firm offers legal assistance with full discretion. According to Swedish law, we are bound by complete professional secrecy.

Practice Areas

Björn Gärdes Advokabyra AB law firm assists its clients in many areas, e.g.:

  • Swedish and international business law
  • General business and corporate law
  • Business and contract negotiations
  • Swedish and international tax law
  • Labor law
  • Banking law
  • Establishing business operations in and outside of Sweden
  • Real estate business in Sweden and in Western Europe
  • Business cooperation and joint ventures
  • IT law
  • Arbitration and civil court cases
  • Swedish and international construction law
  • Copyright, intellectual and industrial property rights
  • Patents, trade marks and designs
  • Swedish and international mergers and acquisitions
  • Transport and maritime law
  • Other legal matters demanding close cooperation with foreign lawyers and good language abilities


It is our philosophy to work closely with our clients and to constantly satisfy them by delivering results.


Austria, Vienna

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