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Edith N. Nordmann
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Amstelveenseweg 500
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Description of firm

Attorney Consulting Group International (ACG International) is a full-service law firm focused on companies that are engaged in international trade and innovation. ACG International is based in Amsterdam, and active around the globe. ACG’s attorneys are known for being individual experts in their fields and for their ability to join forces across practice areas and borders, to get deals done and to find solutions that achieve the best results for our clients’ needs.

We believe that clients today are looking for a legal advisor who is quick, efficient, down to earth, proactive and cost-aware. We use our knowledge and experience to help our clients mitigate risks and navigate the pitfalls. We share our deep-seated local knowledge and (international) networks, a spirit of collaboration and the drive to exceed client expectations in The Netherlands as well as abroad.

Practice Areas

Commercial and Corporate Law
Commercial contracts, corporate law issues, cross-border business transactions, using our experience with different national mentalities involved and the exact wording in your contracts in order to avoid expensive misunderstanding and mistakes.

EU penetration
Assisting international clients in entering and penetrating the EU-market with a perfectly tailor-fitted legal structure.

International Private Law
Complex treaties and regulations apply when you are doing international business in Europe. For various so-called 'nominated contracts', such as agency and employment contracts, the freedom to make your own agreements is limited. Besides their own team of expert lawyers, ACG International has a strong network of specialised experts that can assist you in more specific areas. This saves you a lot of trouble and costly mistakes

Tech, Data, IT and Transactions Law
ACG International assists many technology companies and is aware of the commercial aspects to be able to conclude (complex) deals. We do this both at a national and international level. EULAs, cloud PSA and outsourcing transactions are part of our expertise.

Employment Law/How to engage contractors without making them employees
law has changed drastically in The Netherlands in June 2015. Without knowing the rules thoroughly, having employees (and dismissing them when necessary) in The Netherlands can be a nightmare. We help setting up the contracts and correct documentation for a carefree use of employees and contractors.

Litigation and Mediation
Resolution of disputes, recognition and enforcement in The Netherlands of foreign judgments and awards, mediation and conciliation. Litigating your case in the Dutch courts. Apart from the regular Dutch proceedings which are performed in Dutch only, our litigators also act on your behalf at the newly established fully English procedure (as per 1st January 2018) at the Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC) in Amsterdam.

Located in: The Netherlands


Our clients range from multinationals, startups to private individuals. 

Andrew Danas

USA, Washigton D.C.

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